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Financial Institution Consultants

Our Firm History

ETA is the merger of two successful financial consulting firms.  Edwards & Associates, LLC was founded in June of 1983, by its principal M. Scott Edwards, a University of Arizona graduate and CPA. The firm recently added its newest partner Marcus Valen in June 2019 to form Edwards, Valen, & Associates LLC. Thrash and Associates, LLC was formed in 1995 by its principal Bobby Thrash, an Eastern New Mexico graduate with a masters in finance.    The firms collectively have provided thirty years of financial advisory services in the areas of internal audit, loan review, appraisal review, compliance, policies and A&D for financial institutions. During their histories, the firms have provided consulting services to over a hundred community Banks through at least two economic cycles.  Currently the new firm provides some or all of their services to over thirty banks in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Our Key Solution Benefits
  • Same day response to compliance questions

  • Virtual file review prior to closing

  • Complimentary training sessions during scheduled on-site audits

  • We provide solutions along with findings presented with our work

  • Local staff to save you on travel costs

Knowledge Base

Continuing Education and Training

Our staff participates in continuing education and training to keep up to date with current issues and regulations. 

Experience and Certifications

Our staff has been trained and certified in their area of expertise, providing you with extensive knowledge in each audit and compliance area. 

Looking for guidance? We offer Internal, Operations and IT audits. We work together with your staff to ensure your Financial Institution is moving in the right direction.


Need assistance with implementing the new compliance rules and keeping up with changes? We've got you covered. We offer extensive compliance services for both Deposits and Lending.


The firm is staffed with knowledgeable professionals, most are certified in their area  of expertise and have assisted Financial Institutions in understanding and implementing regulations, developing policies and preparing for exams.      

We have professional IT Staff, Full Stack Programmers, and Auditors on staff. Let us manage your vendors for you, perform risk assessments, and review compliance. We can even outsource your everyday IT for competitive monthly contracts! 

Consulting, IT, and Vendor Management

"We have used Edwards Thrash & Associates in various areas of our three Bank group and they are considered part of our team and their contribution significant. They assist us with loan review, compliance, IT Audit and other areas as our needs arise. We would strongly recommend them to any financial institution."
Sean Ormand, President
First New Mexico Financial

Sean Ormand, President
First New Mexico Financial

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You tell your clients to Bank locally. Now it's time to hire locally in a firm invested in your community! We believe in community banking and are your outsource choice for success!

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