Our Local Team

We know you believe in Banking locally. Why not hire locally as well? 

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Positions Held


Vice President Loans and Operations

Director Internal Audit

Interim President

Advisory Director

Education & Professional Designations

CEO Edwards &  Associates, LLC


Bachelors Degree in Accounting from University of Arizona

Positions Held


Vice President-Regional Credit Admin.

OCC Bank Examiner

Financial Analyst

Education & Professional Designations

CEO Thrash & Associates, LLC

MBA, BBA in Finance from Eastern NM University

Real Estate Appraisal Certification

Positions Held


Principal & Senior Project Manager EV Banking Solutions LLC

Treasurer State Campaign

Principal Real Estate Investment Company

Education & Professional Designations

Partner Edwards, Valen &  Associates, LLC

Bachelors Degree in Accounting Anderson School of Management *UNM)

MACCT Masters of Accounting (ASM)

IA Information Assurance Equivalent 

CIA Certified Internal Auditor

CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

The Team

Luis Boneo
Compliance, BSA/AML
15+ Years
Jeff Corlett
Audit, Complaince, QCR, and Trust
20+ Years
Robert S. Edwards
Loan Review Specialist
15+ Years
Lisa Edwards
Loan Review 
7+ Years
Sabrina Rojas
Compliance, QCR, IT & Admin
9+ Years
Abel Sanchez
IT Audit & Support
14+ Years
Rebecca Campbell
Credit Process Review
20+ Years
Rhonda Mayhew
Administrative Assistant
10+ Years
Additional IT Auditors and Administration Staff not listed 

How can you Leverage Our Staff?

Do you need additional compliance staff?

We work with your staff to perform monthly or quarterly monitoring to alleviate the burden on your compliance department for far less than you can hire another staff member. Plus, our staff our experts in all areas. 

Do you need help completing an audit schedule?

We can share the workload with monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews.

Do you need help training your new internal audit or compliance staff?

We offer side by side training to get your staff up to speed. We can developed audit plans, programs, and scopes. 

Why Hire Us?

Our firm only provides services to financial institutions in the banking industry. We are professionals with one focus to help your institution succeed!


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