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Our Clients

We strive to build strong and long lasting relationships with each of our clients, providing our very best no matter the size of our relationship.

Clients at a Glance

Citizens Bank of Las Cruces

American Heritage Bank

Community 1st Bank Las Vegas

The Carlsbad National Bank

Western Heritage Bank

FNB New Mexico Clayton

First New Mexico Bank Las Cruces

First New Mexico Bank Deming 

First New Mexico Bank Silver City

Del Norte Bank

Four Corners Community Bank

Century Bank

Main Bank

The First National Bank in Trinidad

First American Bank

Melbourne Financial Corp

JP Stone Community Bank

Lea County State Bank

Citizens Bank Farmington

Peoples State Bank

Valley Bank of Commerce

Western Bank Artesia

RG Bank

Tucumcarie Savings and Loan

And More  

How can you Leverage Our Firm?

Do you need additional compliance staff?

We work with your staff to perform monthly or quarterly monitoring to alleviate the burden on your compliance department for far less than you can hire another staff member. Plus, our staff our experts in all areas. 

Do you need help completing an audit schedule?

We can share the workload with monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews.

Do you need help training your new internal audit or compliance staff?

We offer side by side training to get your staff up to speed. We can developed audit plans, programs, and scopes. 

Why Hire Us?

Our firm only provides services to financial institutions in the banking industry. We are professionals with one focus to help your institution succeed!


Visit our Affiliate EV Banking Solutions LLC


Consumer Lending Made Easy

We developed an innovative loan decision and pricing module to compete with high-end and/or higher-cost legacy systems. Our product stands apart in pricing, adaptability and usability; with added ability to run online with your own web portal. Our system will hedge Fair Lending risk by consistently approving loans with our wide range of product settings and features. Pick the software solution built by professionals in the industry, with community lenders, and made for institutions who demand more than in the box lending.


Cash Flow Analysis Made Easy!

We developed an innovative way to convert tax returns into a professional cash flow analysis with ease. Stop wasting staff time or money running cash flow analysis on your customers each year. Use our system, upload tax returns, and generate a cash flow analysis in a fraction of the time! Empower any staff to run an accurate analysis without the need for constant training or paying some accountants for each spread

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