Our List Of Services

We do it all. Call for any service not listed below from IT Support to Software to Outsourced Staffing. We love our rural Community Banks. We generally serve the Southwest with local staff but if you're a community institution with trouble finding a service provider we're happy to fill the gap!

Proudly serving Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. 

Do you tell your customers to use large national banks? So why use big corporate firms? 

We develop customized audit and compliance schedules with each client based on risk. Clients may select from a list of service with up front costs disclosed. Many new clients find our prices to be more than competitive. Our audit coverage goes well beyond our competitors. Before you select a service provider compare our scope of coverage.  

List of Services

ATR Rules
Deposit Compliance Monitoring
Equal Opportunity Credit

Elder Abuse
Fact Act Red Flags/ID Theft
Fair Housing
Fair Lending Side by Side

Federal Deposit Insurance 

Home Owners Protection Act

Home Owners Protection Act NM


IRS Reporting Requirements (1099/1098)

Reg B. Appraisal Rules NEW
Regulation B: Denials

Overdraft Protection Review
Regulation P: Privacy & GLBA FTC Rules NEW
Regulation BB: CRA
Regulation GG: Internet Gambling
Regulation AA: UDAAP
Regulation C HMDA File Review
Regulation CC and Check 21
Regulation D
Regulation DD: Truth in Savings
Regulation E 
Regulation F: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Regulation O: Loans to Insiders
Regulation R: Broker Dealers
Regulation U: Loans Secured by Margin Stock
Regulation V: Fair Credit Report Act
Regulation X: RESPA
Regulation Z: Truth in Lending
Right to Financial Privacy
Service Member Relief Act/Military Lending Act
Social Media Compliance NEW
Website Disclosure and Advertising NEW

Website ADA Review Coming Soon

How can you Leverage Our Firm?

Do you need additional compliance staff?

We work with your staff to perform monthly or quarterly monitoring to alleviate the burden on your compliance department for far less than you can hire another staff member. Plus, our staff our experts in all areas. 

Do you need help completing an audit schedule?

We can share the workload with monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews.

Do you need help training your new internal audit or compliance staff?

We offer side by side training to get your staff up to speed. We can developed audit plans, programs, and scopes. 

Why Hire Us?

Our firm only provides services to financial institutions in the banking industry. We are professionals with one focus to help your institution succeed!

We develop, author, and utilize our own compliance and audit programs. Why select a provider without the knowledge base to develop their own audit programs?


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